Visiting a Saskatchewan landmark, Borden Bridge…

The Borden Bridge famously crosses the North Saskatchewan River on Saskatchewan Highway 16.

Borden Bridge, North Saskatchewan River, Saskatchewan Highway 16

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The bridge constructed during the Great Depression was a government funded “make work” project. Creating jobs for locals who had fallen on tough times during the drought.

Decommissioned since 1985, it is still open to foot traffic. I would highly recommend pulling over and spending a few minutes enjoying the gorgeous view of the North Saskatchewan river, and marvelling at the amazing architecture that is Borden Bridge.

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One Man, One Camera, One Tripod exhibition gets dates…

In January my friend Laura and I spent 14 days backpacking through Costa Rica. I had never backpacked through a country before. The whole concept of staying in hostels, utilizing public transportation, hiking in the jungle all felt a little bit scary to me. I could not have been more wrong. My lens would connect me the “Rich Coast”, a doorway to intimate encounters with the landscape and exotic wildlife alike.

I am beyond excited to share my stories, and photography journal from my recent visit to Costa Rica with you. Join me on Friday, November 23rd at the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum for exhibition opening and the artist reception.