New Release… Lake Life…

My first visit to Waskesiu was very long over due. Almost a right of passage to being a Saskatchewan resident, is visiting the infamous lake located in the Prince Albert National Park.

As luck would have it on my recent tour of northern Saskatchewan, I was able to spend about 48 hours in the park. It will not be my last.

Unfortunately a large part of the short stay was mired with storm clouds and light rain. However there was a small window of opportunity, and I was not about to let it pass. After hiking one of the many ultra scenic trails around the lake, I found this section of lake edge that jutted out from the naturally smooth shoreline. Almost as if it knew I was coming, there was a perfect tree leaning out towards the water, its base weakened by erosion giving it the perfect aesthetic for my lens. I made note of the spot, and I knew the sunset would align perfect for the quintessential lake side paradise image I was seeking. I returned to the spot at dusk, and as anticipated, the skies delivered a trademark Saskatchewan sunset which set the scene perfectly.

With a limited time crunch, I could not be more pleased with Lake Life. The image excites me for future adventure in Waskesiu, with ample time, and hopefully improved weather conditions for proper scouting and set up. The possibilities are endless as the visitors to the national park are seemingly treated to endless beauty on a daily basis.

Lake Life is available on by clicking here