My Seafood Restaurant Photo!

Photo pre scouting plays a huge part in my travel planning, I always have a certain amount of photographs that I expect to capture during my adventure. My inspiration comes from so many different crazy places. I am always jotting down notes and snapping pics with my phone for future reference.

During my travels to Prince Edward Island I knew the opportunity to snag “my seafood restaurant” photo would present itself. You know what I am talking about. Cliche marine artifacts strewn about. Hanging over every table setting is that cliche seascape, you can almost smell the salty air. For as long as I have been doing photography, I have wanted to shoot a seascape worthy of any eateries wall.

As I approached the “Hailey Jo” glistening in the sunshine, I knew this was it. The boat housed, perfectly weathered, lining the background. Lobster traps, stacked and waiting for their next catch, helping me achieve mine.

See “Hailey Jo” on by CLICKING HERE.