This Friday! One Man, One Camera, One Tripod…

In a few short days my exhibition entitled One Man, One Camera, One Tripod will open at the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum ( For directions click here ). I invite everyone to attend the artist reception held at Friday November 23rd at 7pm!

I am truly excited about the development of this exhibition. The collection will surround the deconstructive look of my travel notes and subsequent photo book of my backpacking adventures through Costa Rica. I am very excited to share the many stories behind the photos of the different aspects of my journey. I absolutely love learning about different places, people, and cultures. Costa Rica is a land rich with exotic animals and I absolutely relished the spiritual journey and connection I was able to share with a few of these creatures as they allowed me to observe their behaviour.

This Chestnut Mandibled Toucan and I briefly shared one of these aforementioned moments, and I giddy with excitement and I witnessed the estranged, to me, behaviour displayed by this amazing creature.

View or Purchase this image at by clicking here

If you want to hear the story of the moment I shared with this beautiful bird, and more from Costa Rica please join me Friday at 7pm!