Creepy Saskatchewan… The Crooked Bush…

Twisted, paranormal fantasy. Is this a Tim Burton movie? Perhaps something more sinister, or merely coincidence?

There is 3 acres of land in Saskatchewan, that is unlike any other 3 acres of land on the planet. What happens on this 3 acres of land, is unexplainable.

Welcome to The Crooked Trees of Alticane. Located in No Where, Saskatchewan, or more realistically 20 kilometres north – north west of Hafford, Saskatchewan (Google Maps Link). What is special about this particular grove of trees, is that they do not grow straight. Rather they twist and tangle their way to the sky in a gorgeously visual fashion. It is absolutely stunning, especially when right across the road the trees are all perfectly straight in comparison.

I had always wanted to visit this site, and being in the area ear marked the perfect opportunity to do so. The site is off the beaten path, however is worth the adventure. The opportunity to witness a natural phenomenon is an experience worth having. The aspen trees on this particular plot of land, inherit a genetic mutation that makes them unlike any other aspen trees. How they came to exist in the middle of No Where, Saskatchewan remains a mystery. There are however, plenty of theories on this topic. The paranormal, and extra terrestrial, all have there place in the local tales or lore. The locals will also tell you that birds, and cows will not enter the area. I did not see any of either.

What I do know, is that I am glad I took the afternoon to wander the paths, camera in hand and enjoy a natural wonder, right here at home in Saskatchewan.

New Release… Lake Life…

My first visit to Waskesiu was very long over due. Almost a right of passage to being a Saskatchewan resident, is visiting the infamous lake located in the Prince Albert National Park.

As luck would have it on my recent tour of northern Saskatchewan, I was able to spend about 48 hours in the park. It will not be my last.

Unfortunately a large part of the short stay was mired with storm clouds and light rain. However there was a small window of opportunity, and I was not about to let it pass. After hiking one of the many ultra scenic trails around the lake, I found this section of lake edge that jutted out from the naturally smooth shoreline. Almost as if it knew I was coming, there was a perfect tree leaning out towards the water, its base weakened by erosion giving it the perfect aesthetic for my lens. I made note of the spot, and I knew the sunset would align perfect for the quintessential lake side paradise image I was seeking. I returned to the spot at dusk, and as anticipated, the skies delivered a trademark Saskatchewan sunset which set the scene perfectly.

With a limited time crunch, I could not be more pleased with Lake Life. The image excites me for future adventure in Waskesiu, with ample time, and hopefully improved weather conditions for proper scouting and set up. The possibilities are endless as the visitors to the national park are seemingly treated to endless beauty on a daily basis.

Lake Life is available on by clicking here

Visiting a Saskatchewan landmark, Borden Bridge…

The Borden Bridge famously crosses the North Saskatchewan River on Saskatchewan Highway 16.

Borden Bridge, North Saskatchewan River, Saskatchewan Highway 16

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The bridge constructed during the Great Depression was a government funded “make work” project. Creating jobs for locals who had fallen on tough times during the drought.

Decommissioned since 1985, it is still open to foot traffic. I would highly recommend pulling over and spending a few minutes enjoying the gorgeous view of the North Saskatchewan river, and marvelling at the amazing architecture that is Borden Bridge.

Find it now on Google Maps (click here) 

One Man, One Camera, One Tripod exhibition gets dates…

In January my friend Laura and I spent 14 days backpacking through Costa Rica. I had never backpacked through a country before. The whole concept of staying in hostels, utilizing public transportation, hiking in the jungle all felt a little bit scary to me. I could not have been more wrong. My lens would connect me the “Rich Coast”, a doorway to intimate encounters with the landscape and exotic wildlife alike.

I am beyond excited to share my stories, and photography journal from my recent visit to Costa Rica with you. Join me on Friday, November 23rd at the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum for exhibition opening and the artist reception.

Laudenschlager conquers Nodak, Caudle crowned champion…

Erik Laudenschlager had been riding a hot streak entering the 2018 Tougher Than Dirt Tour, however the elusive gold cup had eluded him through four nights. Finally on Championship Night the 49 IMCA sport mod struck gold. Following him to the stripe would be Chase Conway and Chad Strachen, two stand out local drivers who were not following the tour. The only item left for debate would be crowning a champion. Iowa’s Rocky Caudle entered the night with a slim three point advantage over Minot’s Robby Rosselli. Candle would be able to hang on for a fourth place finish, Rosselli in hot pursuit, scoring a fifth place finish. The finish would be enough for Caudle to capture the 2018 championship and deny Rosselli a back to back crown.

Erik Laudenschlager.

In the IMCA hobby stock division Brock Beeter entered racing action with a 3 point margin over Duane Wahrman. The racing action would see Andrew Bertsch spoil the party as he officially be undefeated, scoring two wins in two outings on the tour. Jason Ruby and Adam Goff, who both return to action after suffering heavy damage from separate incidents, rebound with second and third place finishes respectively. Brock Beeter and Dana Brandt would round out the top five. The fourth place finish would be enough to crown Beeter as tour champion, Duane Wahrman would score ninth, which would be enough to serve him the runner up position.

2018 Tougher Than Dirt Tour team photo.

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