Allez Montreal!…

It was almost too perfect, beautiful fluffy flakes of snow meandered downwards upon the city. Montreal is a magical city.

The project for the weekend is to shoot some snow mobile racing. The Grand Prix Ski-Doo de Valcourt takes place this weekend in Maricourt, Quebec. Which can only be described as a motor sports carnivàle on ice. Events include snocross, ice oval, ice drags, ATV races, snow bike and more! There is even live musical entertainment booked throughout the weekend. This will be my first visit and I am excited to have the opportunity to photograph the event, so stay tuned some action packed photos over the next few days.

However first a walk walk around Montreal and a bite to eat. Of course if you visit La Belle Province there isn’t really a question on the first meal you have to take in. Montreal smoked meat, and poutine. There are a handful of great spots, however hands down my favourite is Reuben’s Deli & Steakhouse.

The smoked meat sandwich was amazing, as it always is, and I was also in for a surprise. Apparently there is some sort of city wide specialty poutine contest ongoing at the present time. Each restaurant comes up with a unique poutine recipe where the patrons can vote on which joint has the best concoction. My travel mates and I knew it was a no brainer as we had to split this specially dish. It delivered in spades. Tater tots, deep fried cheesy mashed potato balls, and of course more smoked meat all take their places in this heavenly melody.

Reuben’s signature special poutine for 2018.
Smoked Meat sandwich is a signature meal in Montreal. A must have if you visit La Belle Province.

With a satisfied appetite, its time for this weary traveller to catch some rest. Next on the agenda, a weekend of ice oval excitement!

Costa Rica gets it’s own show!

It is sort of old news, however I was humbled and honoured to have won the Eve Johnson Memorial OSAC Adjudicated Art show, as hosted by the Estevan Arts Council in November of 2017. Part of the reward for winning the show is solo exhibition honours with the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum. The exhibition will be held in November – December of 2018.

I am sharing this with you now, as I am happy to announce that details of the exhibition are starting to come together. I am super excited that the pieces I shot on my recent adventure through Costa Rica will be the focal point of the show. I cannot wait to share these photos with you, and it will be a long summer waiting for that moment.

I am also beyond stoked that this exhibition will be accompanied by an educational segment. The details of which are still being figured out. I can tell you that I will not be holding back, and sharing all of my dirty photography secrets. My focus will be to help others improve their travel photography game. I find that most photography classes show you how to use your camera, I want to teach you how to take better photos! I think it will be a lot of fun, so keeps your eyes open for further details as they become available!

El Avion, the most unique place to eat in Costa Rica?…

Sometimes it is funny how things just seem to “work out”. About 3 days before my trip to Costa Rica I had watched the Tom Cruise film American Made, which is a biographical crime film based on the events surrounding the Iran-Contra affair.

El Avion, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

So what does that have to do with a restaurant and bar, made out of a Fairchild C-123 in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica? As story would have it, this particular C-123 was one of two purchased by the CIA, for the use of facilitating arms sales involved with the Iran-Contra affair. After being abandoned at the San Jose airport in the 1980s, the plane would eventually be purchased in 2000, by the El Avion proprietors. I would later find out that the plane was too large to be moved over land, rather it was dismantled and sailed around the coast. It would then be dragged up the Manuel Antonio coast, and reassembled at its current location.

The result, an once in a lifetime dining experience with a view to die for.

I had the calamari to start, some of the best I have ever had! The main course was Caribbean Style Yellowfin Tuna, which was great. The cliche drinks with the little umbrellas, were delicious, and greatly enjoyed. Although above average, I will say it was not my favourite meal during the trip, but only because I preferred the “typical” or traditional Costa Rican food fare. Also a little on the expensive side for a backpacker, the aesthetics of El Avion make it a must stop.

Caribbean Style Yellowfin Tuna

I only had one day to spend in Manuel Antonio. So it was unfortunate, that due to my schedule, my visit occurred at noon. I would highly recommend, if you have the opportunity to do so, to make a reservation for sunset. The view, as the restaurant overlooks the western coast, is breath taking. I can only imagine this would be an ideal hot spot to take in a Costa Rican sunset!

The breathtaking view from the dining area.
The cockpit of the infamous Fairchild C-123
The hull of the C-123 has been transformed into a bar.

New Year, New Blog…

I know, I know I am changing my blog platform AGAIN! It has been a difficult “adventure” to find a platform that works the best for me, and my current website. However I think I have finally found something that will fulfill all the needs I have, as I want to ramp up my blog, and vlogs.

I have been guilty in the past of not really following through with my blogging commitments, however I hope the new platform can help rectify that. So bear with me and I cannot wait to share some photography tips, travel stories, product reviews, and other neat things. Like how about recipes anyone? The most unique thing about travelling is the difference in what people eat. I love learning about local foods, and cooking technique on the road. I love even more when I come home and get to attempt to recreate some of these local flavours in my own kitchen to relive those amazing memories!

I am currently going through my Costa Rican captures and I have a lot of cool things I cannot wait to share. So the new blog has landed at the right time! Keep your eyes open and I promise there will be some content coming soon!